FastAPI for Busy Software Engineers


Who Has Time for a 20 Hour Course?

No one busy. In this course, I compress all the key principles, tactics and approaches I've learned from using FastAPI in production to get you up-to-speed with this web development All practical videos have accompanying code.

No Fluff

Check out the curriculum below to see what is covered:

  • All lectures have matching source code
  • All techniques are tried and tested in production
  • All carefully curated into a 4-hour bundle
  • Plenty of extra reading/material for those who wish to go deep down the rabbit hole.

Course Pre-Requisites (Don't Skip Me!)

This is an Intermediate Course!

Concepts not covered (i.e. you should already be familiar):

  • Python basics
  • What a REST API is
  • git
  • React (we just cover the integration with FastAPI) - note that this is just one section, so the rest of the course will be fine.

If you've used Flask/Django before, this course is ideal.

If you've never created an API before but have a decent knowledge of Python this course is doable, but you'll need Google some stuff and do extra work.


Section 1: FastAPI Basics

  • Hello World
  • Path params
  • Query params
  • Pydantic schemas
  • Error Handling
  • Serving HTML with Jinja2 templates

Section 2: Database Integration

  • Theory
  • SQLAlchemy integration
  • Data Access Layer
  • Alembic for DB migrations
  • Bringing everything together

Section 3: FastAPI Project Structure

  • How to structure for extensibility

Section 4: Async Capabilities

  • Async theory
  • Adding async endpoints

Section 5: JWT Auth

  • Auth theory
  • Creating users
  • Login logic

Section 6: Dependency Injection

  • FastAPI dependency injection theory
  • Hands-on example
  • DI for testing

Section 7: Setting up a React Frontend Integration

  • Frontend architecture
  • Frontend codebase overview
  • React homepage code
  • React auth integration
  • Profile page code

Section 8: Dockerizing & Deploying FastAPI

  • Introduction
  • Using Uvicorn & Gunicorn
  • Dockerizing FastAPI & running locally
  • Deploying a Dockerized FastAPI Backend to Heroku
  • Deploying the React Frontend to Heroku

Section 9: Sending Emails, Background Tasks & Logging

  • Mailgun intro
  • Email sending code
  • Config updates
  • Background tasks
  • Logging

About Me

Hi I'm Chris! I'm an experienced software developer who has taught over 25,000 software professionals online. If you Googled something about FastAPI before, you've probably ended up on my blog.


"It is what the instructor described it to be - a no-fluff, straight to the point FastAPI course for experienced programmers. You need to know about Python and APIs, but if you've used Flask and wondered if there's a better way to serve APIs using Python, this is the course for you."

- Stan

"This is one of the best course I ever took in my busy schedules. The fact that I was able to finish it, say more about less fluppiness and straight to the point this course is. I'm currently using this course to build a goverment registration system. So thank you so much Chris, you're making alot of different. I'll look forward for more courses for busy folks like me."


"Excellent course to start doing APIs very fast"


"Begins with the basics but ramps up speed rather quickly. Just what I had been looking for."


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't find the course useful, just email me within 30 days and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the course, email me within 30 days of purchasing and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Last updated Sep 23, 2023

Everything you need to know to get up and running with FastAPI in about half a day

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FastAPI for Busy Software Engineers

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